Affiliated and Approved by MSBTE - Institute Profile on MSBTE

The rapid advances in Science have led to a very high degree of sophistication in analytic techniques. It has therefore become imperative for industry to adapt to the modern methods of analysis. However, the human resource available to industry is, unfortunately, not adequately trained in these modern techniques due to lack of infrastructural facilities in educational institutions. The prohibitive cost of the equipment as well as the high cost of maintenance compounds the problem further. Students who join us have the privilege of working in a conducive atmosphere where laboratories are well equipped and will have adequate exposure to a variety of sophisticated instrumental analytic techniques. Besides, the teaching programs are conducted not only by experienced academicians but also by experts from industry.

  • Well equipped laboratories.
  • Exposure to sophisticated analytical instruments like HPLC, GC, IR, and UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Spectrofluorimeter, etc.
  • Enhanced laboratory skills and confidence of working in the laboratory especially in the areas of Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology and Quality Control.
  • Regular updating of syllabi of the courses by experts associated with industries.
  • Higher level of training through sequel courses in Quality Control and Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • Exposure to specialised software for data handling.
  • Opportunity to appear for mock campus interviews, group discussions, and acquire management skills.
  • Recognition of merit of students by way of scholarships, prizes, etc.

Mohanlalji Walchale College is approved by following bodies of Government of India.

  • Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, MSBTE, Mumbai
  • Department of Technical Education (DTE) , Mumbai